Skoda Octavia RS-P Australian concept

While the contingent of motoring journalists were enjoying the Skoda Octavia RS launch at Camden Airport, Volkswagen's Thomas Wacker rolled out in an Australian designed race version of the Octavia RS, called the RS-P.
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Thomas told CarAdvice that the Octavia RS-P concept features a raft of performance changes, including 14-way adjustable suspension (dampening and rebound), three-inch exhaust system and carbon fibre airbox.

The serious modifications start with the four-piston, 345mm C-cut rotors on the front and mono-piston 310mm rotors on the rear.

In addition to the brakes, the RS-P features a full front and crossed rear suspension braces. Then there are the seriously slick tyres - pardon the pun. The Yokohama A048 semi-slick race tyres are 225/50R18 all round in dimension and provide absolutely remarkable stopping power.

Boot space becomes totally unusable (unless you use triangular suitcases), but the modifictions are totally worth it.

Skoda Octavia RS-PSkoda Octavia RS-P

Taken for a hot lap around the track straight after countless laps in the regular Octavia RS, I couldn't believe just how much of an improvement the modifications made.

First of all, there was NO understeer. The grip was staggering, as was the stopping power. We were able to wipe off 180km/h in a matter of moments, and I've got the marks on my neck from the seatbelt to prove it!

Skoda Octavia RS-P

Then there was the noise, the three-inch exhaust helps the car get the attitude it really deserves. There was also absolutely no body roll, giving it the edge in and out of corners.

While Skoda won't be releasing the RS-P concept, it goes to show what can be conjured in just one week's time.

Skoda Octavia RS-PSkoda Octavia RS-P

Thomas said that with the exhaust modifications, the car was expected to gain around 8kW, bringing it up to 155kW. The race car like snarl between gear shifts was addictive, showing what an exhaust modification can do to improve the engine note of the RS.

Fans of the race track can also be confident their Octavia RS is capable of turning into a feral maniac with just a few modifications.

Let us know what you think of the RS-P concept and we'll forward your comments onto Skoda. You never know what could happen!