If you thought you were hard done-by the new P plater restrictions, stop worrying, its not only Australia that is going mad with P plater laws. The U.S. state of Massachusetts has introduced new laws to mandate anyone under 18 hit with a traffic ticket to:
Massachusetts road
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  • pay the original fine plus a $50 surcharge,
  • 90-day license suspension,
  • Pay $500 to attend a State Courts Against Road Rage three-hour "attitudinal retraining" seminar designed primarily for hardened criminal offenders.
  • Redo her written and practical test.

The system works by sending all under 18 criminals to the three-hour course before allowing for a license renewal. So far lat month the traffic police sent 785 under 18s to attend the course, raising $392,500 USD.

One such unlucky soul who had to attend the course was Jackie Crawford, a recent high school graduate who was issued with a $100 ticket in April for driving 55km/hr in a 40 zone (35 MPH in a 25). Not only did she face the speeding ticket and the surcharge, but she also had to pay $500 to attend a seminar which left her horrified and now also has to redo both her written and her practical examination!

Thankfully though, in every corner of the world there are those who see the illogical association with harsh first time penalties. Tim Cooney, executive director the Central Massachusetts Safety Council said:

"I think the public should be educated about this new law and police should use more discretion. In some respects the law is good. But to be punished like this for a first offense is a little harsh.”

The new laws have caused a public outcry by young drivers and safety advocates alike.

Source: Telegram.com