Chevrolet Camaro on sale in Australia

Chevrolet Camaro fans need not be disappointed at GM's decision to not import the iconic sports coupe into Australia, as the car will be available for sale here from around October.
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Queensland based company Performax International will be the first importer and right-hand drive converter for the hero car in Australia.


CarAdvice paid a visit to the Performax workshop last week and spotted the transformers car in the midst of its conversion.


Performax boss Nick Vandenberg says the converted, ADR approved and road registrable Camaro will go on sale from around $130-150,000. Numerous orders have already been placed so if you're interested, best to act now.


More news on the Camaro will be available soon as CarAdvice will be attending the Performax track day.


Additionally, Alborz Fallah has spent the past three days behind the wheel of a Shelby 500GT Mustang. Expect a review on that soon.