Aston Martin dominates at Nurburgring 1000km

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Not since Sir Stirling Moss won here in a DBR1 way back in 1959, has Aston Martin repeated that winning performance here at Germany’s infamous Nurburgring 1000km race.


And Moss nearly didn’t get a car to drive, as the owner of Aston Martin at that time, was the legendary David Brown of DB fame, who had only one race in mind, and that was Le Mans, which he wanted to win at any cost.

But Moss had won at Nurburgring the year before, and was utterly convinced that he could beat the Ferrari’s and repeat the win. But what really secured the car, was that Moss agreed to pay a proportion of the expenses, which meant he would keep the prize money.


Driving the car at the limit for the entire race and passing second place winner Phil Hill, Moss delivered his second win in two years, this time with his steady co-driver Jack Fairman.

It was a very sweet victory indeed, as Fairman had lost control in the rain, and the car slid into a ditch. When Moss heard the news, he is said to have packed his bags ready for his trip back to England.

But Jack Fairman was an immensely strong man, and managed to lift the car out of trouble and back on the road.


When an exhausted Fairman arrived back in the pits to the amazement of the crew, the team was back in business, but a staggering 70-seconds behind the lead, when Moss climbed into the driver’s seat.


He drove like a man possessed, and ten laps latter, had miraculously regained the lead and eventually won the race.

Fifty years later, Aston Martin has gone one better than that eventful day in 1959, by finishing first, second, and third at this year’s Nurburgring 1000km race.


Fittingly, the 007 car driven by Jan Charouz (CZ), Tomas Enge (CZ) and Stefan Mucke came in first, while 009 and 008 finished second and third, consecutively.


All drivers were highly praiseworthy of the Michelin tyres, which all the Aston Martin LMP1 cars were shod with.