Mini launches iPhone roadside App in US

Mini owners who use an iPhone (or Blackberry) in the US can now download a free application that allows them to call for roadside assistance at the touch of a button.
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The iTunes App not only allows users to quickly and conveniently contact Mini for assistance, should they ever need it, but also automatically sends out the vehicle's exact location to ensure help is sent as soon as possible.

Jim McDowell, Vice President Mini USA, said; "Mini owners will welcome the peace of mind that comes from getting fast and easy access to free roadside services provided during the warranty period."

"When you need roadside help, you simply launch the application, select the service you require, and press call. All the driver's information and vehicle location is sent to a customer service representative."

The service uses GPS technology to pinpoint the car's location. The customer service representative identifies the nearest available service provider and gives them the location.

The service is free during Mini's warranty period but can still be used post-warranty for a minimal fee.

The App is not yet available in Australia, but knowing Mini, it won't be far off, so keep an eye on your iPhone updates for more information.