2010 Noble M600 officially unleashed

Noble is poised to become a serious contender in the supercar stakes by unveiling its newest model - the M600.
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With an expected price tag north of £200,000 the new Noble M600 is more than double the price of its now defunct M14 and M15 predecessors.

The M600 is powered by a Volvo-derived 4.4-litre V8 engine fitted with twin Garrett turbochargers and a Motec ECU which has managed to churn out 560kW in its development tune.


Power will be reduced to more responsible levels in production form, with drivers able to cycle between 336, 410 or 484kW through the car's ECU.

In its highest output setting, the M600 also serves up peak torque of 818Nm at 3800rpm, leaving no doubt that the M600 has the makings of a true supercar - nudging hypercar territory.


Tipping the scales at just 1275kg, the M600 should reach 100km/h in just 3.0 seconds flat, 160km/h in around 6.5 seconds and achieve a maximum velocity of 362km/h.

The 40/60 split weight distribution concentrates the M600's lean figure over the 20-inch rear wheels which handle the power whilst 19-inch wheels at the front take car of the steering - both wearing Michelin Pilot Sport tyres.


“This is a car designed to provide a pure and uncorrupted driving experience that you’re totally in control of,” said Noble managing director Peter Boutwood. “The driving experience we’ve targeted is closer to that of a Ferrari F40 or a McLaren F1 than those of more modern, more ‘civilised’ supercars. The M600 will do nothing on the driver’s behalf.”

In keeping with the theme of the car, the switchable traction control system is toggled using the missile launch switch from a fighter bomber, other than that there are no safety nets - no ESP and no anti-lock brakes.


In that vein, the M600 relies on simple mechanics with fixed-rate dampers, a fixed-ratio steering system, Alcon brakes with iron discs and a six-speed manual transmission from Graziano.

“We tested various paddle-shift systems during the conception of the M600, such as the one on the Ferrari Enzo, and found them all to be pretty unsatisfactory,” said Boutwood. “A good manual gearbox is just as fast, easier to maintain and gives the driver better control.”

The new Noble M600 will make its official public debut during the Goodwood Revival on 19-21 September.

Source: Autocar

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