According to a report, the new Rolls-Royce Phantom will ride on all new aluminium platform, which will also underpin future vehicles from the British marque.
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Sources have informed Automobile that the next-generation Phantom, which could debut as early as next year, will be the first car to utilise a new aluminium architecture that's being developed for Rolls-Royce by BMW.

The move to aluminium will allow the brand to shed kilos, improve performance and increase fuel economy, as well as have bragging rights over some of its competition.

As is the rage throughout the industry, Rolls-Royce's new architecture is modular and flexible, and can be scaled up or down for a variety of different vehicles.

Above: A Project Cullinan development mule.

For instance, the brand's first ever SUV, currently being developed under the title Project Cullinan, will use the new lightweight architecture and pair it with off-roading systems shared with the upcoming BMW X7. Down the track, the aluminium architecture will also be employed on the successor to the smaller Ghost sedan.

According to the magazine, the new Phantom will be more imposing, but also feature less formal styling along its flanks. While the sedan will again be offered in both standard- and long-wheelbase forms, the coupe and convertible variants will be dropped.

Additionally, the company is said to be planning on adding a coach-building division, which will be able to develop unique bodies and variants on commission.