Holden Racing Team has used the 25th anniversary of its first Bathurst win to unveil unique Star Wars livery that will adorn the number 22 car that will be driven by James Courtney and Jack Perkins.
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The Holden Racing Team car features an awesome mix of matte colours, salient silver, black and red design elements, promoting Star Wars: The Force Awakens. A huge Chewbacca sits on the side of the car, replacing the iconic HRT lion that would normally be in its place.

Courtney, who helped us earlier in the year explain how stability control works, remains in hospital recovering for the famous race, which takes place each year during the first weeks of October.

Holden Racing Team Star Wars Livery

“The Star Wars designs look great, but mine’s definitely better than Garth’s [Tander] – I’m glad to be the good guy and have Garth as the baddie,” Courtney said.

“The team has done a sensational job, this is the most out-there livery HRT has ever had.”

Courtney's teammate Perkins was also excited for the car to be sporting the new livery.

Holden Racing Team Star Wars Livery

“We can’t go wrong with the Force on our side. To take the covers off such a unique livery on the anniversary of the team’s first Bathurst win is special,” Perkins said.

“I never imagined I’d be racing for Holden’s factory team at Mt Panorama with Chewbacca and an X-wing on my car.

“It’s the coming together of three childhood icons for me and a definite career highlight.”

Courtney is currently still in hospital following another surgery procedure after a serious crash in August that put him out of action. Should Courtney not recover in time for Bathurst, V8 Supercars stalwart Russell Ingall will fill in for him.

Holden Racing Team Star Wars Livery

“It’s been a painful experience but my recovery is going well. It’s been five weeks since the incident and I’ve had a lot of specialists overseeing me and give me the best chance of coming back for Bathurst,” Courtney said.

“Your body takes on so many forces across the top of the mountain, and if the ribs aren’t healing properly, one could break again and cause a hemothorax, which is a lot more serious than my initial injury.

“We’re pressing on as hard as we can. I’ve got a final scan this week to see how the bones are healing. After that we make an informed decision about Bathurst.”