Victoria Police 'hoon' blitz starts tonight

Victoria Police will tonight launch the second stage of Operation Ardent, a major road blitz aimed at dangerous driving across the state.
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The operation, which will continue through until Sunday, will see police target specific trouble spots focusing on so-called 'hoon' driving as well as speeding, dangerous driving, drug and drink driving offences.

Regions identified as the state’s worst for serious road offences, and those to be specifically targeted as part of the operation, include Brimbank, Melbourne, Boroondara, Casey (the setting for Operation Ardent I), Yarra Ranges, Kingston, Mornington Peninsula, Dandenong, Frankston and Geelong.

Blitz resources include four Booze Buses, 30 police cars, several highway patrol cars and (marked and unmarked) police motorcycles though police did not say which areas would be singled out this time round.

Deputy Commissioner (Traffic) Ken Lay will keep the public informed of the results via the police Twitter feed.

“If just one person logs on, reads the Twitter posts and decides against drinking and driving, it will be worth doing,” said Mr Lay. “During (Operation) Ardent II, we’ll be increasing the police presence, upping our numbers and throwing everything we have at dangerous drivers.”

Operation Ardent II kicks off from these evening at 4pm.