The new 2016 Toyota Prius will launch with a number of sporty styling options in its home market, a set of leaked brochure images has revealed.
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Unveiled earlier this month, the new Prius already boasts a far sharper design than its wedge-like predecessors, developed in response to Toyota chief Akio Toyoda’s edict that all future models must deliver a more “emotional” look.


But, as these scanned brochure pages out of Japan reveal, Toyota’s Modellista and Toyota Racing Development outfits have had their way with the new Prius, introducing a number of styling enhancements of their own.

Those include a number of contrasting colour panels across the body, along with a range of bolt-on lips and skirts, additional LED lighting, new interior highlights, a selection of large alloy wheels, and a choice of sporty corner- or centre-mounted exhaust tips that are largely for show.


Don’t expect to see many - or any - of these options in Australia, however. Toyota has traditionally offered a huge assortment of styling options in its home market, and very few ever make their way to local showrooms. Still, there will be little to stop a 2016 Prius owner from importing these items privately.