The Japanese auto giant has provided further details about its fourth-generation Toyota Prius hybrid hatchback at the 2015 Frankfurt motor show.
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At the global reveal of the fourth-gen Prius last week in Las Vegas, Toyota provided few details about its new hybrid warrior. With the car's unveiling in Europe this week, the company has filled in a few of our knowledge blanks.

According to Toyota's tape measure, the new Prius is 4540mm long, 1760mm wide and 1470mm tall. That makes it 60mm longer than the third-generation hybrid hatch and 15mm wider, although the roof of the new car does sit 20mm closer to the ground.

Although the new Prius is the first vehicle to use the Toyota New Global Architecture (TNGA) component set, the new car's wheelbase remains unchanged at 2700mm.


Aside from production and engineering efficiencies, Toyota says that TNGA has also imbued the new Prius with a lower centre of gravity thanks to the "extensive use of high-strength steels". Unfortunately, the company has still yet to put a number against the new Prius' weight.

Although the exact composition of the car's hybrid drivetrain is still unknown, Toyota has confirmed that the fourth-gen Prius will continue with a nickel-metal hydride battery, albeit one that is "smaller, more energy-dense" than previous editions.


The company has also replaced the current car's torsion beam rear suspension for a new double-wishbone system. Thanks to the smaller battery pack and new rear suspension, boot space is said to be improved.

Thermal efficiency of the Prius' petrol engine has been raised to 40 percent, up front 38.5 percent in the current car, and Toyota claims that it is now the world's most thermally efficient petrol motor.

Fuel economy, at least under EU testing, is said be improved by 18 percent. By our calculations that see the car's EU consumption figure drop from 3.9L/100km to 3.2L/100km.


The new car's interior will be available in either cool grey or black, and vision out the front, sides and back is repotedly improved.

Available safety tech will include adaptive cruise control, pedestrian detection, pre-collision braking, lane departure warning with steering wheel alerts, and automatic high-beam control.

The new Prius will head into local showrooms from early 2016.