A lightly revised 2016 Hyundai Sonata has been revealed for overseas markets this week, bringing handling improvements and new features.
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For Sonata models in North America, Hyundai has upgraded the mid-sized sedan’s suspension system with new aluminium components, replacing steel bits in the current range.

The new items, introduced to reduce unsprung weight and improve handling, include the steering knuckle and lower control arm at the front, along with the upper control and assist in arms in the rear.

Other upgrades for the US market include a seven-inch display as standard equipment (Australian models get 4.3- and 8.0-inch units) with Android Auto and a rear-view camera, along with the addition of a new ‘Limited’ model with features similar to our local ‘Elite’ model.

An Australian update to the Sonata is still to be confirmed and, with the current model debuting locally less than a year ago, it would likely be the middle of next year before any significant changes arrive.

Likewise, the extent of upgrades to the local range won't to be confirmed until that date nears, although the new suspension components - tweaked again through Hyundai Australia’s local tuning program - would likely feature among them.


Above: Australia's Sonata debuted in January this year.

Hyundai Australia, the country’s second best-selling brand in August, has registered 956 Sonata sales since the new-generation model’s launch in January.

That run places the Sonata at the lower end of the mid-sized family car market, behind the likes of the Mondeo (1069), Altima (1174), Octavia (1350) and Liberty (2739), although it leads the Accord (724), Optima (663) and Malibu (606).

Hyundai’s figures look better when the i40 is added to the ledger, however, bringing an additional 1245 year-to-date sales to the party.

Toyota’s fleet-favourite Camry (14,645) maintains a comfortable lead, with the Mazda6 (3665) in a distant third.