Nissan GT-R - Rapid Response at the Nurburgring

You’re looking at the world’s fastest fire engine, which despite carrying an extra 200 kilograms of specialised equipment on board, this GT-R will still lap Nurburgring’s Nordschleife circuit in less than 8 minutes.
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With hundreds, if not, thousands of accidents each year on the this feared track, during the so-called public sessions after 5.00pm each weekday, emergency response time can be mean life or death.

You see, “The Ring” as it is known to enthusiasts worldwide, is a staggering 22.8 kilometres per lap, complete with 72 corners, many of them blind. The problem is, when you add punters driving at speeds up to and beyond 300km/h, things can go horribly wrong, as it so often does.

The specially designed Nissan GT-R has been presented to the Nurburgring operator, as a gesture of appreciation for their collaboration in developing the budget priced supercar.


German based M&M Automotive did the fire fighting conversion on the car, which has a 50-litre water tank in place of the two rear seats, in addition to a medium pressure extinguisher system with a winding device for the hose.

The system can spay foam up to 18 metres and can fight fire for up to two minutes on one tank.

On April 23 2009, a factory spec GT-R Nissan achieved the incredible lap time of 7 minutes 26 seconds at the Nurburgring.