Veyron Production Increased - Price Same

Bugatti have announced they will be increasing the production of the awe-inspiring Veyron from 60 to 75 cars annually. This unfortunately isn't an increase in overall production numbers - which is rumoured to remain at 300 cars - but is instead an effort to shorten the waiting time from just over a year.
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Bugatti want to protect the exclusivity of the Veyron, but also get their customer's into the driver's seat sooner. Unfortunately there will be no change to the price tag, still ranking as one of the most expensive cars in the world at $1,700,000.

Also recently announced was more customisation options for Veyron owner's. Previously owner's could pick their own two-tone colour scheme and not much else as many of the parts were unique or engineered specifically to meet the needs of the Veyron. The wheels and tires for example, were specially designed for the Veyron to cope with the phenomenal speeds which it is capable of.

Now Veyron owner's can choose new colour schemes for the exterior and interior of their cars, as well as wheel colour and trim - leather ofcourse.