At the 2015 CENEX Low Carbon Vehicle event in the UK, Jaguar Land Rover has demonstrated a new set of electrified vehicle systems, which may influence future production vehicles.
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The three drivetrains on display at CENEX stretched from a diesel mild-hybrid and a plug-in petrol-electric hybrid through to a full electric powertrain.


The mild hybrid system was fitted to the Concept_e MHEV that's based on the Range Rover Evoque, and features a prototype turbo-diesel engine with 66kW of power.

Sandwiched between this diesel engine and a nine-speed automatic transmission is a hybrid module, which includes a 15kW crank-integrated electric motor with a disconnect clutch, and is powered by a 48V electrical system and 48V lithium-ion battery.


The plug-in hybrid Concept_e PHEV uses the Range Rover Sport as its basis. Under the bonnet there's a 221kW prototype petrol engine that's tied to a 150kW electric motor, which also acts as petrol engine's starter motor. The electric motor is powered by a 320V lithium-ion battery pack located in the boot floor.

Drive is sent to all four wheels on a full-time basis via an eight-speed automatic transmission.


Lastly, the company presented the Concept_e BEV, which is a custom-made concept car based on Jaguar's new iQ[Al] architecture, which is used under the new XE and XF sedans, as well as the upcoming F-Pace SUV.

The Concept_e BEV's drivetrain features a 85kW electric motor driving the front wheels via a single-speed transmission, and a 145kW connected to the rear wheels via a two-speed gearbox. Both motors drawn their power from a 70kWh battery pack.

According to Dr Wolfgang Epple, Jaguar Land Rover's director of R&D, the Tata-owned luxury car maker is "leaving no stone unturned to ensure Jaguar and Land Rover vehicles emit significantly less emissions in the future".

The company says that the three electric drivetrains are part of a "long-term, pure research project looking beyond 2020 to explore all aspects of future hybrid and battery electric vehicle technologies".