2016 Audi A8L Security upgraded to VR9 standard

The Audi A8L Security has been given an upgrade for 2016 and is now said to be more secure than ever before.
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Audi says that the revised A8L Security has an upgraded safety cell that now includes aramide fabric, hot-formed steel armour and new special aluminium alloys.

These changes lower the car's weight, but also bring the vehicle up to the VR9 ballistic protection standard. The soon-to-be-superceded A8L Security is only rated to the VR7 standard.

Audi A8 L Security

The A8L Security can be specified with either a 320kW/600Nm 4.0-litre twin-turbo V8 petrol engine or a naturally aspirated 368kW/625Nm 6.3-litre W12.

Top speed is limited to 210km/h in deference to the A8L Security's tyres, which are can continue operating even after they've been shot at. The car's maximum payload is rated at 600kg.

Standard features include Quattro permanent all-wheel drive, an armoured communication box in the boot, relaxation seats in the rear, an intercom for external communication and selective door unlocking. Options include fire extinguishing system, emergency fresh air supply and a patented emergency exit system.

Audi A8 L Security

Orders for the Audi A8L Security are open now, but deliveries won't begin until the second quarter of 2016. The vehicle will be produced partially at the Neckarsulm plant, where regular versions of the A8 are also built, and at a "secure, top-secret factory".