In total contrast to adventures of some of the CarAdvice team, we're currently testing what said to be Australia's most fuel efficient SUV - that's if Land Rover's claims are to be believed.
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Land Rover have developed a stop/start system for its diesel Freelander2 range which it claims can reduce fuel consumption by some 20 per cent. We've been driving the car for just over a day now and the results are most certainly impressive.

Average driving seems to have netted us a regular consumption figure of 6.5-litres per 100km (even with the somewhat lead-footed Paul Maric at the helm) - down from the regular Freelander2 TDI's figure of 8.5L/100km.

Our usage has been an almost exact 50/50 mix of peak hour urban driving and highway driving.

Land Rover Freelander2 TD4.e

The stopping and starting of the diesel motor was a bit of a concern, but it appears to be even less apparent than that of the Lexus RX400h that Road Test Editor Matt Brogan has been driving. So stay tuned for the full results in our upcoming road test.