The supercar maker has revealed images and preliminary details about the Bugatti Vision Gran Turismo, which will debut at the 2015 Frankfurt motor show.
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Like some concept vehicles developed especially for the Gran Turismo 6 game, the Bugatti Vision Gran Turismo will not only be free to download and play, but it will also spawn a real-life counterpart.


According to Bugatti, the design for its Vision Gran Turismo concept is based on the Type 57 Tank, which won the 1937 and 1939 editions of the Le Mans 24 Hour race.

"Under no circumstances did we want to create a retro-style race car in memory of the successes in Le Mans, but rather to transfer the feeling and mood of these special moments in Bugatti’s history to a modern vehicle," explains Sasha Selipanov, Bugatti's head of exterior design creative development.


The concept vehicle is finished in a two-tone paint job that mimics the one used on the Type 57 Tank and which came signify French race cars of that era. Another nod to the Type 57 are the fins that start on the front wing, run along and then off the back of the roof, and then down the rear spoiler.

Although the Bugatti design team were afforded the freedom to ignore the constraints of physics and current technology, the company says that they chose to come up with a car that, while not street legal, would be grounded in reality. The design team reportedly collaborated with Bugatti's engineers to ensure that as much of the concept is feasible.


The company has yet to give details about the car's drivetrain, although more details should be forthcoming around the time when the Vision Gran Turismo makes its in-the-flesh next week.