Hybrid cars have been heavily criticised as of late. Yesterday we reported on a current law suit in the US regarding the Honda Civic Hybrid and its misleading mileage claims.

GoAuto reports Toyota’s US manager of Advanced Technologies Group, Bill Reinert has defended the Prius after a life cycle investigation conducted by CNW Marketing/Research revealed that the popular hybrid was less environmentally friendly than a Hummer H2. Reinert dismisses the report as "bull(other word)... so far outside the means of science".

Save the world, buy a Hummer.

The report, a 'dust-to-dust' analysis of the hybrid investigates the environmental impact of the car from manufacture to disposal. Through this analysis, CNW have concluded that the Prius accumulates energy costs of $US3.25 over 100,000 miles, whilst the earth shattering Hummer H2 costs a mere $US1.95 over 300,000 miles.

Reinhert concludes by saying that Toyota's status as the largest car manufacturer in the world has made them a prime target for negative press.

George Skentzos

Source: GoAuto