Toyota Bigwig Defends Prius

Hybrid cars have been heavily criticised as of late. Yesterday we reported on a current law suit in the US regarding the Honda Civic Hybrid and its misleading mileage claims.
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GoAuto reports Toyota’s US manager of Advanced Technologies Group, Bill Reinert has defended the Prius after a life cycle investigation conducted by CNW Marketing/Research revealed that the popular hybrid was less environmentally friendly than a Hummer H2. Reinert dismisses the report as "bull(other word)... so far outside the means of science".

Save the world, buy a Hummer.

The report, a 'dust-to-dust' analysis of the hybrid investigates the environmental impact of the car from manufacture to disposal. Through this analysis, CNW have concluded that the Prius accumulates energy costs of $US3.25 over 100,000 miles, whilst the earth shattering Hummer H2 costs a mere $US1.95 over 300,000 miles.

Reinhert concludes by saying that Toyota's status as the largest car manufacturer in the world has made them a prime target for negative press.

George Skentzos

Source: GoAuto