Peugeot Fractal concept leaked

Over the last few days, the French car maker has released a series of short video teasers for the Peugeot Fractal concept car, but overnight a full suite of official-looking photos were leaked online.
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Published, and then later taken down, by Russian site AutoWP, the new Fractal concept is a small four-seat vehicle that be transformed from a three-door hatch to a open-top cruiser.

The Fractal doesn't seem to have any storage space for the its top, so it's likely that the roof and its ancillary parts will need to be manually removed and stored elsewhere.

Peugeot has so far revealed very few details about the concept car, which will debut at the Frankfurt motor show that starts in around week's time.

We do know, from the images here and the teaser videos that the Fractal features strobing rear tail-lights and illuminated Peugeot badges along its flanks.


In the Fractal's instrument panel there's a battery charge indicator, hinting that the concept is either a full electric vehicle or, at the very least, a hybrid of some description.

The Fractal's interior has thin-shelled seats covered in white leather. There's a portrait-oriented touchscreen infotainment screen positioned along the centre tunnel, and this is flanked by a push button gear selector on one side and an electronic parking brake on the other.

A pod housing an engine start/stop button and volume knob rises out of the tunnel, close to the driver's right knee.


The concept also features rear flanks fashioned from naked carbonfibre, while the passenger doors are rear hinged.