Australians who pre-order a Citroen C4 Cactus before the end of 2015 will get the exclusive opportunity to choose from more than 23,000 colour and trim combinations before the brand cuts the number of options next year.
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Pre-order customers will get the chance to select any combination of 10 exterior colours, six interior trims, five exterior C-pillar highlights, four Airbump colours, three side mirror shell colours, two roof bar colours and two wheel colours, in addition to selecting between petrol and diesel drivetrains and deciding whether to add or go without the panoramic sunroof.


The combinations selected by pre-order customers will help Citroen Australia determine which options are the most popular among local customers and guide its decision making when it comes to cutting out some less popular options next year to simplify the ordering process.

Citroen Australia product manager Glenn Reid said customers buying such a personal vehicle as the C4 Cactus shouldn’t be limited in the choices they have.

“With 23,184 possible combinations for Cactus models in Australia, we thought we’d let customers decide which combinations we would and wouldn’t offer once the car goes on sale next year,” Reid said.


He said the decision to not restrict any colour, trim or option from any customer during the pre-order process could mean that some early customers may have the only Cactus of their type in Australia.

“Following pre-orders we will look at what the market is telling us and remove less popular choices from the market.

“It’s a totally different way of doing things.”


Customers wanting to configure their own C4 Cactus will be able to do so via an interactive tool on Citroen’s website from mid-September, when full pricing and specifications will also be announced. Citroen announced preliminary specifications today, giving an indication of what to expect when the car arrives early next year.

To pre-order a C4 Cactus, customers will need to go to a Citroen dealership where they will be taken through the order process, vehicle build time and pay a deposit to lock in their car.


Exterior colours:
Hello Yellow
Blue Lagoon (aqua)
Rouge Aden (red)
Deep Purple
Olive Brown
Gris Shark (metallic grey)
Gris Aluminium (silver)
Blanc Nacre (premium white)
Blanc Banquise (white)
Noir Obsidien (black)

Bump colours:
Black (standard)
Chocolate (brown)
Dune (off white)

Interior colours:
Black and grey cloth (standard)
Purple and grey cloth
Brown and black cloth
Half black cloth with grey leather (grey dash)
Half black cloth with grey leather (purple dash)
Brown leather with black cloth (brown dash)

C-pillar highlights:
Black with no lettering (standard)
Black with white Cactus letters
Black with chocolate Cactus letters
White with black Cactus letters
Red with black Cactus letters

Mirror shells:
Black (standard)

Roof rails:
Black (standard)

Polished silver cross alloys (standard)
Black cross alloys