2009 RC Nationals to be held next month

Most people wouldn’t associate high-end motor sport with the Sydney suburbs of Liverpool and Moorebank, but from September 30 until October 5 this is exactly what will be occurring, yet on a slightly smaller scale.
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That’s right, RC (radio controlled) cars, but not the kind you find at the local toy shop. The cars are made with a combination of aircraft grade aluminum, fibre infused high impact plastic and carbon fibre. They are completely adjustable and based on the same adjustment principles as those of an F1 car.

Everything from caster, front and rear toe angles, camber, track width, Ackerman steering angles, shock angles, shock oil viscosity, spring rates diff settings, sway bars and even tyres are adjustable to tune these cars for optimal driving on a wide variety of tracks around the world.


These high end RC cars driven by hobbyists will be vying for the title of “2009Australian I.C Champion” and will be racing for this title at the world renowned John Grant International Raceway at Moorebank which is host this year to Australia’s premier event for internal combustion RC cars, the 2009 AARCMCC Australian I.C Nationals.

The track is only a fraction the size of a real racetrack, yet it is considered one of Australia’s Premier tracks for RC racing in Australia.

The John Grant International raceway in Moorebank, NSW is run and owned by one of the longest standing Remote control clubs in Australia, NSWRCRCC Inc.


The club is a not for profit organisation and run on a volunteer basis by its hard working members. The track has been recently redeveloped to world-class standards and specifications as per international regulations. Nothing has been spared.

Complete with a carefully chosen, specially designed grade of asphalt. The track comes complete with ripple strips, two sector AMB timing which is the same equipment used by Formula 1 tracks around the world to measure each lap electronically down to the hundredths of a second.

The cars used by the drivers are not the type you might be familiar with. These are high end Japanese, and European designed RC cars, powered by engines from places such as Japan, France and Italy.


Radio Controlled cars scaled down to 1:10th Scale and 1:8th Scale will be going around the purpose built John Grant International Raceway complete with pit stops, and tyre changes, finals for the upcoming Australian Nationals will be 45 minutes long.

Drivers by this point of the competition will have raced a total of six qualifiers 10 minutes in length, and gone through quarter finals and semi finals all in an attempt to determine the top 10 drivers and their pit man who will race it out in the 45 minute final.

This final will consist of approximately 9 pit stops and possibly even tyre changes, all in an effort to determine the Australian Champion for 2009.

The 1:8th scale cars are considered the F1 cars of RC and are covered by a high impact body made from a plastic called Lexan. The 8th scale cars you will see buzzing around when you visit the track are based on Le Mans styled Lola bodies and reach speeds in excess of 100km/h.


So you think that these bodies are used just for looks? Think again, the thin plastic you see covering these $2000 plus pieces of equipment provide the down force which is required to maneuver these buzzing beasts at speeds most people would get a ticket for on a public road.

The 1:10th scale cars are based on touring cars such as British touring cars and the V8 super cars and reach speeds of over 80km/h. Engines used are two stroke 0.21 cubic inch internal combustion engines for the 8th scales and 0.12 cubic inch engines for the 10th scales.

Both scales use fuels from various manufacturers, which are a mixture of Nitro methane, Methanol and a blend of castor oil and synthetic oils. The engines, approximately the size of your clenched fist, and a piston the size of your thumb nail rev to 45,000 rpm at maximum power, and are predominantly made and developed in Italy and Japan.


They may be small, yet the competition is fierce. Many of the top hobbyists go to events interstate and even worldwide to maintain their dexterity and their knowledge on engine and car tuning.

Events occur worldwide, and only a few weeks ago the European Championships occurred where top drivers from around Europe attended to claim the top prize of 2009 European Champion.

The 2009 AARCMCC I.C Australian Nationals will be held between the 30th of September and the 5th of October at Moorebank.

If you are a motorsport enthusiast, have youngsters who love anything that goes “broom!” are young at heart, or just need an excuse to leave the house on the weekend, then make sure that you come down and see over 100 competitors race it out.


Some of Australia’s top RC hobbyists with the help of their pitman will vie for the top prize of Australian I.C 8th scale and 10th scale champion!

The NSWRCRCC Inc club also hosts race days every month on the 1st and 3rd Sunday of each month.

These race days are open for any and all hobbyists of all skill levels to attend, so if you want to race, or would like to learn more then please, click here.