Not only is British luxury car-maker Jaguar releasing more new models than ever before in its 80-year history, it's also offering AWD on the latest-generation Jaguar XF sedan.
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But it’s only available on the flagship 280kW XF S version, and it’s not for this market, at least not for now, according to Jaguar Land Rover Australia senior public affairs executive, James Scrimshaw.

“We've made the decision, initially, that the new XF will be rear-wheel drive only for Australia," he said.

"The good news is that it's now available for this market, but that’s something the product planning guys need to look at. It’s certainly something we can look at down the track – provided the business case stacks up, and there is sufficient demand."

2016 Jaguar XF AWD - 6

For years, German car-maker Audi has been doing a steady trade with its ‘quattro’ all-wheel drive sedans in Australia, so clearly, there’s an appetite for these models, so Jaguar would face some stiff competition.

If Jaguar did offer an all-wheel drive version, pricing would need to be sharp enough to win over quattro disciples, which, when you look at the premium Jaguar is asking for the F-type AWD, may not be viable.

Currently, all-wheel drive is only offered on performance versions of the F-type; namely, the V6 S coupe and V8 R coupe and convertible. Price-wise, it’s a hefty $20,000 (give or take) bump from $156,770 for the rear-wheel drive car to 172,470 on the V6, and from $226,970 to $242,670 for the V8 version.

2016 Jaguar XF AWD - 2

In the interim, the rear-wheel drive XF gets ‘All-Surface Progress Control’ – developed by Land Rover for low-speed driving in adverse conditions.

It’s a proprietary system that manages the brakes and throttle to deliver the best possible traction, enabling the car to pull away smoothly.

The 2016 Jaguar XF launches locally in November. Read our international launch review here.