Chrysler to adopt Fiat's Multiair technology

According to a report in Automotive News, Chrysler is set to benefit almost immediately from its ties with Fiat as the American manufacturer prepares to adopt the Italian company’s fuel saving Multiair technology.
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Director of Fiat Powertrain Technologies, Lucio Bernard, said Fiat’s Multiair technology could be fitted rather easily to Chrysler’s current engine lineup while explaining how the Multiair system allows for individual control of air in combustion of each individual cylinder, resulting in better fuel economy and better performance.

“They are already discussing the use of Multiair for Chrysler,” said Mr Bernard. “It is low-invasive hardware that can be applied to existing engines.”

The technology, which Fiat believes is three years ahead of the competition, first appeared in the 1.4-litre Alfa Romeo MiTo but will soon spread to other Fiat models.

Mr Bernard went on to say that Multiair not only improves fuel economy but also manages to reduces overall emissions while making power gains of almost 10 per cent.

We can expect to see Multiair technology in Chrysler products by as early as 2012.