Lamborghini Miura – the definitive bible

Some people are die-hard Ferrari fans and others prefer the raging bull logo, which is of course Lamborghini. If I had the money, I’d have both.
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By Anthony Crawford

But Lamborghini holds a special place in my heart, specifically the Miura, one of the most beautiful automotive designs ever created and as rare as hen’s teeth these days.

It was the first Italian supercar I ever rode in, and while the ride was awful, the engine deafening, and gears that wouldn’t engage properly until we were a good fifteen minutes into the drive – I loved every moment of the ride.

Like me though, if you can’t afford the car, then the world’s most definitive bible on the car, is a lot better than a Matchbox model.

The book is entitled The Lamborghini Miura Bible by Joe Sackey, and was first published by Veloce in 2008. The problem was that the first print run sold out in less than four months.

The result of 20 years of painstaking research by the world’s leading authority on the Miura, it features a never before published factory chassis production register, as well as current interviews with former factory employees involved in the Miura production.

Joe has owned and restored no less than five Miuras, so you can bet he knows what he’s on about.

With over 450 photographs and illustrations, paint charts and every conceivable fact and figure on this iconic supercar, it seems like a must for any Lamborghini fan.>