The 2016 BMW M2 will be revealed online in October, ahead of a later motor-show debut, according to a new report with enthusiast website BMW Blog.
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Data leaked in recent months has hinted at a November production start for the hot new coupe, which had led to speculation that an unveiling at next month’s Frankfurt motor show was on the cards.

However, if this latest report of an October reveal proves accurate, we could instead see the long-anticipated M2 make its ‘in the metal’ debut at the LA Auto Show in November.

For its part, BMW remains tight-lipped on any plans at all for a new ‘baby M’ car, although spy photos and leaked information have more than confirmed the new model’s coming.


Expect the M2 to slot in between the already impressive M235i and the hero M4. Details of its powerplant are still to be confirmed, although there is little doubt that a turbocharged six-cylinder engine will provide motivation.

Outputs in the neighbourhood of 270 to 280kW have been reported, landing the M2 neatly between the 240kW M235i and the 317kW M4.

Six-speed manual and seven-speed DCT auto shifters will likely feature, with power sent - of course - to the rear wheels. A limited-slip differential is also expected.

Watch for BMW to confirm the M2 in the coming month - if indeed an October reveal is on the cards - and for teaser images to surface soon.