Insert Terminator and The Matrix jokes; here is Tesla’s mad new ‘solid metal snake’ automated charger for the Model S electric vehicle, in action.
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Tesla founder Elon Musk first hinted at the creepy articulated charging arm in January, when he tweeted about a device that “automatically moves out from the wall & connects like a solid metal snake. For realz”.

Today we get our first look at Musk’s snake in action (steady on), with a prototype at Tesla headquarters in Silicon Valley shown operating just as described.

Tesla has offered precisely zero information with this new video, and, apart from Musk’s tweet, there has been no indication that the solid metal is destined for a market launch.

And, if you’re worried that Tesla might evolve this slippery gadget into an intelligent weapon of war, relax: Musk is a key signatory of a letter penned with Stephen Hawking and other top minds that calls for preventative measures that will keep ‘A.I.’ from the battlefield.