Our spy photographers have nabbed the Porsche Boxster almost completely camouflage free ahead of its expected debut next year.
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Earlier this week we ran photos of the updated Porsche Boxster, caught outside the company's headquarters in Zuffenhausen, Germany. That prototype had a shroud of plastic hiding the changes made to car's front fascia.

These latest photos show a vehicle that's completely disguise free. The only exception are a set of print outs pasted over the headlights, through which we can a quartet of LED driving lights.

The facelift brings a revised design for the front and rear bumpers, as well as the updated head- and tail-lights. It looks as though the car's side air intakes have been modified also.


According to a British report published earlier this week, the new mainstream Boxster and Cayman ranges will be powered exclusively by a new suite of turbocharged four-cylinder boxer engines.

If the report is correct, the revised entry-level Boxster and Cayman models will ditch the current models' 195kW 2.7-litre flat-six in favour of a 2.0-litre turbo with around 178kW of power.

Next up, the Boxster S and Cayman S will lose their current 232kW 3.4-litre six-cylinder motor. Its place behind the passenger cell will be taken over by a 2.5-litre turbo generating around 224kW.

At the top of the pile, the Boxster GTS and Cayman GTS will ditch their 243kW 3.4-litre engine for a more powerful variant of the 2.5-litre turbo. It's rumoured that the new GTS will have around 275kW to its name.


The new Boxster is expected to debut some time in 2016, with production of the updated vehicle likely to begin around mid-year.

Porsche is scheduled to introduce a facelifted 911 at this year's Frankfurt motor show. The 911 update will see non-GT models powered exclusively by turbocharged, but downsized, versions of the company's famous horizontally opposed six-cylinder motor.