Jaguar Land Rover Australia has announced a recall of models in its big Range Rover and Range Rover Sport lines, over concerns of a potentially faulty door latch.
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In a recall notice issued this week, the company advises that customers have reported an inability to secure some doors on either the primary or secondary latch.

Jaguar Land Rover says that it has received reports that one of the doors has opened while the vehicle is in motion, although there no injuries or crashes have been recorded.

Range Rover Sport Snow John-39

Some 3062 vehicles are potentially affected - 825 Range Rovers and 2237 Range Rover Sports - for models built between March 29, 2012, to May 23, 2015.

For the Range Rover models, the affected VIN range is SALGA2KEXDA000001 to SALGA2DF2FA223058. For the Range Rover Sport, the range is SALWA2PF1EA000001 to SALWA2KE8FA620148.

Jaguar Land Rover has confirmed that it will write to owners of affected vehicles, although concerned owners can also contact their dealer to arrange an inspection.