The Australian arm of Tesla Motors has confirmed today that it will participate in the company’s new Referral Program for existing owners and new customers.
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Announced by founder Elon Musk overnight, the experimental program kicks off early next week and will run until October 31.

Up for grabs is a haul of discounts for new customers and credit for existing owners, along with the opportunity to take a tour of Tesla’s new Gigafactory in Nevada, gain access to a special-edition Model X SUV and, perhaps most compelling of all, the chance to land a Model X for free.

Tesla says that existing customers will soon receive an email with a custom referral link that can be passed onto friends that are considering the purchase of a Model S sedan.

Using that link will grant the new customer a $1500 discount on the Model S - which begins at around $100,000 for the new 70D variant - while their sharing friend will pick up a $1500 credit in their Tesla account that can go towards a future vehicle purchase, service charges or Tesla accessories.


Each existing owner can refer a maximum of 10 new customers.

If you’re lucky enough to have five friends follow through on a Model S order with your referral link, you’ll instantly receive an invitation for you and a guest to tour the Gigafactory facility in Nevada, where Tesla will begin production of its battery systems from 2017.

Hit 10 successful referrals and you’ll be granted the right to purchase a Founder Series Model X SUV, a special-edition model not available to the public, with all $25,000 worth of listed options added free.

The top prize, however, will be a free Founder Series Model X, but you’ll have to be the first person in the Asia-Pacific region to achieve 10 successful referrals.

Full details will be emailed to existing owners in the coming days, although Tesla does note that it retains the right to withhold credits, discounts and awards if it believes customers have acted “in bad faith, or otherwise acting contrary to the intent of this program”.


Get in if you’re keen, but you’ve only got until October 31 for all of your mates to get their orders over the line.

Will you be taking part? Let us know how you go, in the comments below, or through our Contact page here.

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