Lotus chief Jean-Marc Gales has revealed key new details on the company’s coming SUV model, well ahead of its anticipated 2019 debut.
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Confirmation of a high-riding addition to the Lotus family came in April, following months of rumours that targeting the high-volume segment would form a key part of the company’s rebuilding plans.

In April, Gales confirmed the new model will play in the mid-sized SUV market, taking on high-end premium players like the Porsche Macan.

Importantly, for a brand with such a tightly held sports-focused heritage, the new model is promised to be around 200kg lighter than the circa 1850kg Macan. This, along with a roughly 30mm lower ride height, has been touted as a hint of the company’s plans for a sporting SUV like no other.

The SUV will be developed in the UK and built in China, but Gales says the new Lotus will be no less premium than its identified rivals.

Lotus APX concept

Above: the 2006 Lotus APX concept is... unlikely to preview the coming new SUV.

Little else had been revealed in the company’s initial announcement, but a new interview with the UK’s Car magazine this week brings confirmation of new details.

Speaking with the magazine, Gales said that the SUV will take its styling cues from the dramatic 3-Eleven revealed in June, which itself takes inspiration from its predecessor the 2-Eleven, along with the Exige S and other key Lotus heroes.

“It will look stunning. At the front you'll see a taste of 3-Eleven, plus hints of the 1974 Elite and other Lotus cars,” he said.

Further details are likely sometime away, but these latest comments could suggest that the Lotus SUV will debut with a BMW X4/X6-like coupe profile rather than the more practical shape worn by the Macan.