Kia’s GT four-door coupe may finally be closing in a production schedule, nearly five years on from its debut as a concept at the Frankfurt motor show.
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Reports of a market launch have surrounded the GT concept since first appearing in 2011, and Kia design chief Peter Schreyer has openly spoken of hopes for a sleek flagship model.

A version of the more recent GT4 Stinger coupe is also known to be a top bullet-point on Kia’s wishlist, with the company confirming in 2014 that it is “seriously considering a sporty, brand image leading model in the near future that would be the most high performance Kia vehicle to date”.


Don’t expect Kia to kick both models into play at the same time, though. And, of the two, the four-door GT is the more likely to get a green light for production.

Speaking with CarAdvice this month, Kia Australia communications manager Kevin Hepworth confirmed that an advanced design of the GT has been developed, wearing an evolved and more market-ready look.

"It's still a four-door coupe, but it's not identical to the concept. Like all concept cars that look sensational, you lose a little to practicality when you've got to build a car that meets all the crash regulations around the world," Hepworth said.


He added that while the GT is closer than ever to production, “it’s not yet signed off”.

Those details follow comments from Peter Schreyer at last year’s Detroit Auto Show, where he told CarAdvice that the GT has entered “another phase; we are now two years since the four-door has been shown”.

As for the GT4 Stinger, Hepworth suggested that we could see a second and more evolved version of the powerful coupe concept soon.

"Stinger is very far down the track, but I wouldn't be surprised if it's shown in its next iteration at a motor show very soon,” he said.


“I haven't had confirmation, but I won't be surprised if we see a more refined version somewhere soon."

As with many carmakers, this all forms part of Kia’s strategy on considering the response to its concepts when deciding what goes to production and what goes into storage.

“They monitor what you guys [the press] write, they’re watching the market,” Hepworth said. “They have global press clippings and they measure the interest and constructive criticism of concepts they put forward.”

So, they’re listening. Would the GT and GT4 make it to your shopping list? Tell us, and Kia, in the comments below.