The all-new 2017 Nissan Micra will be bigger than its lilliputian predecessors, that much is already known. But, according to new reports out of Europe, the new hatch will also bring a markedly higher grade of quality than ever before.
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Previewed by the sharp Sway concept unveiled at March’s Geneva Motor Show, the new Micra will do away with the cute and bubble-like lines that have been the trademark of previous generations.

Instead, we’ll see a fast and tapered look that will signal the next phase in Nissan’s evolving design language, joining the overseas Murano SUV and Maxima sedan models.


Speaking this week with the UK’s Autocar, Nissan executive vice-president Trevor Mann said that sleek new look will flow through to the interior with higher-grade materials and new technologies.

Mann also defended the Micra’s Indian manufacturing base, arguing that any feelings on the current model’s quality are more about development than production.

“I don’t think you can blame India for the perception of quality,” he said. “You’ve got to blame the people who defined the product. The Micra’s not like that because it’s made in India. We have listened to feedback and I think you will see a big difference.”


The new Micra is expected to make its global debut toward the end of 2016, suggesting that an unveiling at the Paris Motor Show could be on the cards.