Tesla Roadster successor confirmed for 2019

A new-generation Tesla Roadster will launch before the end of the decade with acceleration to rival the world’s quickest performance cars.
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Buried in a press release about the upgraded 2016 Tesla Model S and its new ‘Ludicrous’ drive mode is confirmation of the forthcoming convertible sports car, which the California-based electric car company promises will be even more hardcore than its sub-3.0 second 0-100km/h super sedan.

“There is of course one speed faster than ludicrous, but that is reserved for the next-generation Roadster in four years: maximum plaid,” Tesla’s statement reveals.

Arriving in 2019, the new Tesla Roadster will become the fourth vehicle in the car maker’s line-up, joining the Model S, Model X SUV and the Model 3 sedan, the last of which is due in 2017.

Unlike the original Lotus Elise-based Roadster that was built in limited numbers between 2008 and 2012, the new model is expected to be developed entirely in-house and become a mainstream model in the range.

The new Roadster should undercut the 2.8-second 0-60mph (0-97mph) of the enhanced Model S, potentially making it a second or more quicker to the mark than its predecessor, which itself was no slouch at 3.7 seconds in Sport trim.

The 2019 Tesla Roadster should also deliver a much improved driving range over its predecessor. The original had an official range of 393 kilometres, while the Roadster 3.0 update announced in December boosted that range north of 550km.

There’s no indication of how the new model will be priced at this stage. The old Roadster cost $206,188 in base spec and $241,938 in Sport trim when it was sold locally in 2011 and 2012.