Honda’s new Accord (sold as the Accord Euro here in Australia) has been named as the UK’s most reliable car in this year’s Which? car survey.
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The Honda sedan achieved a reliability score of 99 per cent, one of the highest scores ever achieved; closely followed by the new Honda Jazz in second place with a score of 98 per cent.

Honda cars hold four of the top ten places in the recent survey. As well as the second-generation Jazz reaching second place, the first-generation Jazz also scored 95.9 per cent achieving sixth place in the survey.

The Civic Hybrid achieved pole position in the hybrid vehicle sector with a score of 95.7 per cent, seventh place in the overall survey and edging ahead of its rival the Toyota Prius with 95 per cent.

A total of 77,000 drivers across the UK took part in the Which? survey to assess customer satisfaction. The survey based its results on breakdowns, faults and general niggles over a 12 month period.

"A reliable car is something every customer deserves; knowing that your car will simply get you from A to B without any problems makes a huge difference to a customer’s enjoyment of their car," said Matt Gibson, Head of Customer Services for Honda UK.

"We always strive to give our customers the best experience. It is fantastic news that four of the top seven cars featured in the survey are Hondas."

Honda has also performed well in the recent JD Power survey, appearing in the top three car manufacturers for four years running.