Ram Trucks, the utilitarian and weekend warrior offshoot of Chrysler’s Dodge brand, has hit on a fresh concept for those making full use of their cargo beds: ramps.
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It’s not the ramps themselves, of course. There’s nothing new in ramps designed for utes and high-riding pickups, with more than a few options out there for loading ramps that can be easily stored in or alongside the cargo area.

This concept, however, focuses on a pair of ramps that are integrated into the bed of a styleside tub and its tailgate, allowing the ramps to be pulled along the floor and angled to the ground without any heavy or cumbersome lifting and attaching.

The ramps can then be stowed away just as easily, sliding home into the integrated channels.


These patent application images, filed last year and approved recently, reveal the concept in its various states of operation.

For now, Ram has yet to confirm production plans for the newly patented design, and with the current Ram range only recently updated for the new model year, it would likely be sometime before this ramp design will be introduced - if at all.

Could this be the start of something, though? Would an update to any of our local utes with a similar system appeal to you?