Victoria's oldest "hoon" caught at 160km/h

Updated 5:45pm
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Victoria's oldest "hoon" driver, a 79 year old man from the tiny town of Aubrey in the Wimmera, asked police if he could be let go with a warning after being clocked at 60km/h over the speed limit.

The man, who recorded a speed of 160km/h, came to a screeching halt in the middle of his lane after being intercepted by police.Police said the man was "unfazed and unrepentant" in attitude after being pulled over.

"He didn't see me until he got within 150m of my patrol car,'' Sergeant Patrick Harrington, from Murtoa, said.

"He hit the brakes and went by me and stopped in the middle of the lane and got out of his car.

"His excuse was that he was running late for an appointment, but he did say 'it was lucky you didn't get me before, I was going faster'. He wasn't fazed or anything by the whole thing," Sgt Harrington said

The man was initially seen 24km before the place he stopped but could not be caught in the first police vehicle, a four-wheel-drive, that was unable to match the 160km/h speed set in the man's 1999 Mitsubishi Magna.

Despite all the wrong doings, and falling in to the category where police were able to immediately impound the car under anti-hoon laws, the driver was allowed to continue on his way.

He will be charged on summons with several speeding offences, including driving at a dangerous speed.

Updated 5:45pm: The man has now been asked to hand his car in to the local police station tomorrow where it will be impounded in accordance with anti-hoon legislation.

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