Last HSV W427 rolls out of Clayton

Holden Special Vehicles has announced the end of an era with the very last W427 made to order at Holden Special Vehicles’ Clayton production facility late last week after the order books were closed on April 28.
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While the final build number has not been announced, it is unlikely that HSV has met its revised cap of 200 vehicles – downgraded from the initial 427 vehicles which were to be produced at the vehicle’s launch.

However this does not mean the fabled build number 427 will never see the light of day, with one customer reportedly paying a premium over the $155,500 price tag for the privilege of labelling his W427 as the ‘last’ made.

In reality though, a Heron White example with an undisclosed build number will be the very last W427 to roll out of HSV’s Clayton production facility, perhaps making it the most highly sought after of the limited production run in a few decades.

The W427 still eclipses the final build number of HSV’s previous attempt at building a 7.0-litre,V8, Australian muscle car flagship with the HRT 427, of which only two were ever built in 2002.