Lexus designs a hoverboard

Back to the Future fans, hold onto your hats.
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Lexus, in tandem with "world-leading experts" in super conductive technology, claims to have created a prototype hoverboard in what is either a genuine breakthrough, or simply very snappy promotion (it isn't April 1, is it?).

The hoverboard uses magnetic levitation to achieve frictionless movement — necessitating a metallic surface underneath — and features liquid-nitrogen-cooled superconductors.

It is then wrapped in a signature Lexus design including its polarising spindle grille shape, and features materials found in the luxury marque's products including natural bamboo.

Lexus International executive vice president Mark Templin said the new hoverboard “exemplified Lexus' commitment to innovation in design and engineering”.

Testing of the Lexus hoverboard will take place in Barcelona, Spain, over the coming weeks.

Check out the video above.