US electric car brand Tesla Motors has said "thanks a billion" to its Model S owners, having just clocked up one billion miles - or 1,609,344,000 kilometres - purely using electricity.
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According to the Californian brand, the total worldwide fleet of Tesla Model S cars ticked over the milestone this month. And because it is par for the course to compare any distance to that of how many times it could make it to the moon, the answer is "over 4000". Or about "40,000 trips around the Earth, emission-free".

In realistic terms, Tesla said that following just three years of Model S sales there have been more than half a million tonnes of CO2 emissions saved, not to mention a claimed US$175 million ($226.5 million) in fuel costs.


The total global Model S fleet currently sits at "just under 75,000", with sales in more than 30 countries around the world. The company also has 445 Supercharger stations globally, including in North America, Europe, Asia and Australia, along with many more Destination Charging stations.

Tesla Australia will be hosting The Next Billion events in Melbourne in Sydney on July 24-26.

CarAdvice added about 2000km to the global tally with our drive down the west coast of the USA - watch it here.