GPS Beats Speeding Ticket

There are many ways you can beat a speeding ticket, the general population believe that speed detection equipment used by police are accurate and guidelines and procedures are correctly followed.
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Not so, according to Brett Pownceby who recently beat a Speeding ticket by providing speed data from his GPS satellite tracking device to the issuing police station.

Having examined the evidence, the Police then withdrew the ticket, despite having argued previously that their guns were accurate. After the media covered the story, fearing a massive public outcry of citizens contesting their speeding tickets, the police changed their story once again, and informed us that the ticket should not have been withdrawn.

The police informed the media that other motorists should not simply expect to have their speeding fines withdrawn by producing satellite tracking records.

Of course the Police were only protecting their back side, but the events took another turn in the wrong direction when a Sydney court threw out a speeding case once GPS readout where issued as evidence.

Opposition transport spokesman Terry Mulder said the case in point casts a big shadow over the accuracy of police radar guns.

"How many innocent motorists who lack onboard GPS units have been wrongly fined by Steve Bracks and Bob Cameron's dodgy police radar guns?" he said.

Victoria Police spokeswoman Natalie Webster argued that other motorist attempting to have their speeding tickets revoked using GPS data would be unsuccessful.

"The production of a GPS report alone to avoid any speeding infringement is insufficient, and any application as such will be rejected," she said.

Fortunately for the rest of us, there are some guidelines to follow when pulled over for speeding, you can find the guidelines here.