The upcoming Nissan Fuga, set to be unveiled at this year's Tokyo Motor Show, will feature all-new driver assistance technology to help the car navigate corners more safely.
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The system works in conjunction the car's in-built GPS navigation and ESC systems to instantaneously compare the vehicle's actual path and speed with the driver's intended path and a pre-determined safe cornering speed.

If the two information inputs do not match, the car's ESC system applies the brakes individually at each wheel (in addition to regulating engine torque) to help make the car go where the driver intended.

The GPS integration allows the system to detect where the road is going ahead and further manipulate the car, while alerting the driver to slow down by pushing the throttle back against his or her foot.

The Nissan Fuga may appear in Australia if the Infiniti brand returns here as planned in a couple of years.