It’s utterly mad isn’t it?
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It’s called the Veritas RS 111, and the production version of this incredible looking sports car was shown to the world for the first time last week, at London’s exclusive Salon Prive.

CarAdvice road testers Alborz Fallah and Anthony Crawford, recently drove the prototype car near lake Garda in Italy and were blown away by the performance and deafening engine note, as they blasted through tunnel after tunnel, without helmets or earplugs.

Make no mistake, the Veritas RS 111 is the ultimate crowd puller, as the guys reported both Porsche and Ferrari owners were doing U-turns in an attempt get a close up of the car.

And while you probably haven’t heard the name Veritas before, the brand actually dates back to 1947 when the company built the first German Formula One car.

Today they’re back, with the most outrageous car on the planet, and powered by the same V10 monster, as found in BMW's M5 although, the Veritas RS 111 weighs in at just 1170 kilograms.

That means its fast, very bloody fast, like 0 to 100km/h in 3.2 seconds and a top speed of more than 300km/h. The best part is, Veritas believe in the true driver experience, so there are no electronic driver aids, none at all.

Expect a great article on our drive of the car, as well as some stunning photographs by Jan Glovac in the coming weeks.