The Ford Falcon 'Sprint' nameplate could be making a comeback if a recent trademark registration is anything to go by. The trademark registration, which was lodged on April 1 2015, describes three nameplates — XR6 Sprint, XR6 Turbo Sprint and XR8 Sprint.
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While there are no further details attached to the trademark registration, there is some probability that these nameplates will form part of a final special edition for the Falcon before it ceases local production next year.

'Sprint' as a nameplate was last used for a special edition AU Falcon called the Ford Falcon XR6 VCT Sprint. It featured the body kit from the XR8 Rebel and came with VCT from the higher specification XR6 VCT. Prior to that, the nameplate's most recent use was in the ED Falcon.


The Falcon XR6 Sprint is only likely to be a body kit with extra standard features. At this stage in the game, you wouldn't bet on Ford putting time, money or effort into performance tweaks for its naturally aspirated six-cylinder engine.

The XR6 Turbo Sprint on the other hand could be a body kit with a power increase from the current 4.0-litre turbocharged six-cylinder engine's 270kW to 310kW of power. The previous FPV F6 would be the probable donor engine for this feat, given the FPV F6's engine was uprated and based on the same engine currently used in the XR6 Turbo.

Holden Commodore SS Ford Falcon XR8-100

An XR8 Sprint could use a similarly configured engine to the recently released limited edition FPV GT-F, which boosted the standard FPV GT's power output from 335kW to 351kW of power (which in reality was over 400kW thanks to a transient overboost feature). Ford would need to tread lightly here given the price and limited run of FPV GT-Fs.

If the 'Sprint' range does come to fruition, Ford may not even venture into the territory of upgrading powertrains given that the Falcon will soon cease production in Australia. The power hikes mentioned above would be a best case sign-off for the Falcon nameplate in Australia.