British specialty automaker TVR has announced that it will be designing and engineering a new sports car in collaboration with Gordon Murray Design and Cosworth.
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TVR has publicly confirmed that it is working on an all-new coupe and convertible, with design and engineering being done in partnership with Gordon Murray, designer of the McLaren F1, and Cosworth.

In order to adhere to the company's heritage, the new vehicle will be front-engine, rear-wheel drive. TVR says that its new model "will continue the tradition of a classic British two-seat sports car with a composite ground effect aero chassis and body package".

Power will be provided by a normally aspirated, dry-sump V8 engine from Cosworth, with power sent to the ground via a manual transmission.

Above: Les Edgar, TVR chairman, and Gordon Murray, automotive designer.

According to TVR, the company is around one year into the development cycle for its new car. TVR says that it will issue preliminary images and specifications for its new vehicle towards the end of 2015, with production slated to begin in 2017.

The new car's platform is expected to yield "at least four new models" over the course of the next decade. The car will utilise Gordon Murray's "iStream" technology for its body and production process. So far, iStream has only appeared on the T.25 and T.27 city car concepts.

TVR's new range of vehicles will be produced at a new factory in the UK. The company promises that the new car will having pricing that is "consistent with TVR’s past market positioning and highly competitive within its segment".

During the noughties TVR fell on hard times, with no cars built after 2006. After a protracted period of uncertainty, the company was sold to Les Edgar in 2013.

Cover image by Flickr user The Car Spy.