Prices for the Tesla Model S have risen for the second time this year - and the US-based company claims it all comes down to the weak Australian dollar.
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According to the Australian arm of Tesla, the new higher pricing for the Model S has been driven by a "change in the exchange rates between Australian Dollar and US Dollar", and there have been increases across the four models currently available. The first jump in April was about six per cent, while the most recent adjustment has upped prices by a further 4.2 per cent.

Tesla Australia has informed CarAdvice that these price changes will happen "on a regular basis", with the aim of pricing the cars "on parity" with the US. That means prices could dip if the dollar improves, and the brand insists that has been the case in some other international markets.

The initial pricing for the entry-level 70D model was only announced in April, but in just over a month the price of that version has risen from $102,400 (plus on-road costs and luxury car tax) to $106,900.


The mid-spec 85 rear-drive has jumped from a $103,400 proposition to $110,350 in April and now costs from $114,200. The 85D was a $115,800 proposition, but now costs $121,000.

The flagship all-wheel drive, 515kW/931Nm P85D has risen from its initial pricing position of $133,500 to a much more eye-watering $148,000.

The brand has added some extra standard kit to its models - navigation used to be optional, but is now standard, and so are daytime running lights, power folding mirrors, automated emergency braking, parking sensors, blind-spot warning and lane departure warning.

The Autopilot pack remains an option at $3400. It adds, as part of the brand's most recent updates, adaptive cruise control and in its future technology inclusions the system will include hands-free parking and active lane keeping on the highway.

Delivery timing for each of the models if you order online varies. The 70D could arrive late September, the 85 arrives August, the 85D comes in October and so does the high-spec P85D.

The pricing for the Model S has steadily risen since the car's introduction in Australia - the now superseded Model S 60, which arrived less than a year ago, was priced from $96,208.

Tesla Model S pricing, plus luxury car tax and on-road costs (increases since March/April 2015 in brackets):

70D - $106,900 (+$4500)
85 - $114,900 (+$10,800)
85D - $121,000 (+$5200)
P85D - $148,000 (+$14,500)