Tesla Motors has officially taken the wraps off a new showroom in Richmond, Victoria.
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The huge site was unveiled in front of a strong crowd of owners, prospective customers, members of parliament and VIPs, heralding a big step forward for the all-electric US car company.

The site, located on Church Street in Richmond, includes a showroom, customer lounge, pre-delivery area and a service centre. Measuring in at over 2500 square metres, the site is huge — bigger than most dealerships we have experienced.


One of the unique things about this dealership is that customers can use any of the four superchargers located at the front of the dealership free of charge, 24 hours a day. The customer lounge also features free WiFi and is open 24 hours a day — regardless of whether the customer is charging their car at the time.

Tesla used the dealership opening as a time to remind owners and prospective customers about how well the company is doing in Australia. A rollout of superchargers is currently underway, including a plan to have the Melbourne to Sydney route ready by the end of this year.


The significance of this is that drivers can leave Melbourne and only need to stop for around 40 minutes to recharge with enough juice to complete their journey. That 40 minute stop will give drivers a chance to stretch their legs, access free WiFi and then continue on their journey.

Destination chargers are also being installed around the country at hotels and car parks, further expanding charging facilities for drivers.


While Tesla doesn't publicise sales figures, the company is pleased with sales in Australia.

"Our sales of Model S in Australia have been surprisingly good," Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk said to journalists in a recent conference call. "I’ve been pretty happy with our progress there.

"Its seems Australians really do like the Model S quite a bit, and as a result we’re putting a significant investment in Superchargers in Australia."


A recent story on lifestyle website EFTM claims that Tesla has sold over 200 Model S sedans in Australia, which places the all-electric car company comfortably within the luxury car space in Australia.

In response to the EFTM story, Tesla Motors Australia marketing and communications manager Heath Walker told CarAdvice "all I can say is that the response in Australia has been very pleasing". Read into that as you will.


The new dealership is an impressive sight, so if you are in Richmond and have some spare time, drop by to have a look.

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