Porsche trademarks GT5 name - report

Porsche has trademarked the name GT5, sparking speculation the German manufacturer is planning a new motorsports-inspired version of one or more of its luxury sports cars.
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Autocar reports Porsche submitted its application for the GT5 trademark with the German trademark office in August last year, and was granted approval for the name – along with the GT4 moniker that’s already in use – in October.

Porsche has also applied to trademark GT5 with the European office, and is currently awaiting a decision on that submission.

A Porsche spokesperson declined to give any clues about how the GT5 badge could be used, offering only that it was a forward-looking business decision.

“There’s no comment on that [GT5] in relation to what our future product might be. In this increasingly competitive world it makes sense to cover any bases.”

Traditionally, Porsche has used variant names such as GT2 and GT3 to correlate with the FIA class the vehicles are designed to race in. The naming structure works such that the lower the number, the more hardcore the vehicle.

As there is no GT5 motorsport class, it’s unclear exactly what form a GT5 variant would take, though logic suggests that it would slot beneath the likes of Porsche’s recently released Cayman GT4 (pictured).

Porsche’s GT cars are developed by its go-fast division in Weissach, which uses its motorsport know-how to develop more hardcore and focused vehicles.