Ferrari announces HGTE pack for 599

In case you're one of the very lucky few who happen to own a 599, listen up. Ferrari have recently launched a Handling GTE package for its 599 so that owners of the current model won't feel left behind by the 599 GTB Fiorano HGTE as released at this year's 2009 Geneva Motor Show.
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The high-performance upgrade, available as a Ferrari Genuine Accessory package, includes a 10mm lowering of the ride height, a recalibrating of the suspension settings, stiffer springs, thicker anti-roll bars, stickier tyres, light-weight three piece modular rims, new mufflers with two-tone tailpipes and an aesthetics kit that adds a unique grille and Ferrari badging for all models produced before 2008.

Models produced after 2008 also get a re-jig of the F1-style gearbox to allow quicker shift times and a modified ECU for better throttle response.

The kits are priced at AUD$35,150 for pre-2008 models and AUD$40,240 for post-2008 models.

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