VACC seeks improved road sharing schemes

The VACC has reiterated its call for improved road sharing schemes include the development of infrastructure that allows motorised scooters to share bicycle lanes.
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It has also been suggested that scooters be allowed to share transit and bus lanes as well as allowing boxed turns on busy intersections.

“The global economic slowdown has forced many Australians to re-consider their personal transport options,” VACC Executive Director, David Purchase, said. “Many commuters have cut costs by leaving the car at home but some do not like the idea of having to cram onto an already over burdened public transport system. Therefore, Powered Two-Wheeled (PTW) vehicles have become an attractive alternative.

“Scooters are a cheap, efficient and accessible mode of transport. But they deserve the same status and respect as other vehicles on the roads. In the VACC’s opinion, the Victorian Government has failed to recognise this. VACC believes the Government and the infrastructure plans should make provision for scooters through an integrated transport policy.

“The community and environmental benefits of scooters are clear. Scooters use smaller parking spaces than cars and leave a tiny carbon footprint. However, some people are put off from using them because they feel vulnerable riding on the roads.

“VACC repeats its call for scooter riders to be allowed to share bicycle lanes. VACC is calling for designated and signed “Safe Routes”, safety boxes, access by scooter riders to certain designated bicycle, transit and bus lanes and allowing boxed turns on certain busy intersections.

“It is a call echoed by the Motorcycle Riders Association (Victoria) which is today calling on the Minister for Ports and Roads, Mr Tim Pallas, to consider allowing all vulnerable road users, including PTWs to share the on-road lanes that are now the exclusive domain of bicycles.

“VACC will be highlighting this issue through the fifth annual Scooter Rally in Melbourne. Hundreds of scooter riders will take to the City’s streets to emphasis the fact that while scooter riding is social and fun, it is an important mode of transport. It is about time the Government took Powered Two-Wheeled vehicles seriously and made an effort to appreciate their value in reducing congestion and demand for parking spaces.”